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  • EP135 – Real Reflection

    EP135 – REAL REFLECTION⁠ In this weeks episode, we take a look back at the last year and simply reflect.⁠ ⁠ Before you can think about conquering future goals and [...]

  • EP131 – Adapt or Die

    ADAPT OR DIE Changing circumstances and the ability to accept it! The reality is that we cant avoid a changing environment and the more we try to fight it the harder [...]

  • EP127 – Transformation

    Transformation It is often known that the most successful people keep put long hours and work than others. the relationship between transformation and success is very robust. Why, well because [...]

  • EP90 – Why Are You So Stubborn?

    In this weeks episode, Anton & Ola discuss what it means to be stubborn, Why people are stubborn. Stubborn a result of nature or nurture. When being stubborn can be [...]