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  • EP126 – Creative Flow Ft Saabirah Lawrence

    Creative Juices   In this week’s episode, we are joined by the amazing Saabirah Lawrence. We all discussed the importance of creative juices and being consistent with your work. EP126 [...]

  • EP124 – Book Smart Vs Street Smart

    Book Smart Vs Street Smart   Generally speaking, smartness can be broken down into two main categories. One  is book smart and the other street smarts.   Book smarts are [...]

  • EP107 – How Much Do You Save Though?

    In this weeks episode, We discuss the importance of saving, having both short term and long term savings goals. What the UK population spends its money on and what we [...]

  • EP91 - Am I addicted to technology?

    EP91 – I have an addiction?

    On average we pick up our phones 40 times a day, technology has started to show the same addiction bodily reactions as drug addiction. In this episode, Anton Richardson and [...]

  • EP88 – Why Are You So Selfish

    In this weeks episode we discuss the meaning of being selfish, hows its interpreted by different people. From this episode: Would you give money to a friend in need Test [...]