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  • EP131 – Adapt or Die

    ADAPT OR DIE Changing circumstances and the ability to accept it! The reality is that we cant avoid a changing environment and the more we try to fight it the harder [...]

  • EP122 – Wandering Mind FT Timi

    Wandering Mind   In this weeks episode we explore all things about the mind. How it works Recalls memories Why we think about random thoughts and much more   EP122 [...]

  • EP119 – Dealing With Depression

    Dealing With Depression I common terms depression is a  mental health problem that causes people to experience low mood, loss of interest or pleasure, feelings of guilt or low self-worth, [...]

  • EP107 – How Much Do You Save Though?

    In this weeks episode, We discuss the importance of saving, having both short term and long term savings goals. What the UK population spends its money on and what we [...]

  • EP103 – Nontrepreneur – FT Twenty Nothings

    EP103 FT Twenty Nothings In this weeks episode, we are joined by Muyiwa of the Twenty_Nothings and we discuss -Interviewing Influencers and peoples journeys into business -Why getting a 2.1 [...]

  • EP96 – Be Defiant..Become The Norm

    Defying Urban Myths What are your thoughts on new experiences and activities? Do you like to push yourself out of your comfort zone? We had an amazing conversation with Daryl [...]

  • EP90 – Why Are You So Stubborn?

    In this weeks episode, Anton & Ola discuss what it means to be stubborn, Why people are stubborn. Stubborn a result of nature or nurture. When being stubborn can be [...]

  • EP88 – Why Are You So Selfish

    In this weeks episode we discuss the meaning of being selfish, hows its interpreted by different people. From this episode: Would you give money to a friend in need Test [...]

  • EP87 – Struggles in life

    EP87 – Struggles in life

    Struggles are a normal factor of life, we will certainly face many ups and downs. In this episode, Anton Richardson and Ola Fagbamila cover:- Do you think there is a difference [...]

  • EP80 – The Words You Use

    The Words You Use In this weeks episode, Anton & Ola discuss words of affirmation – the second of a 6 part series. We look at Words of affirmation: More [...]