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  • EP137 – Life Hacks

    EP137 – Life Hacks   In this weeks episode we talk all things life hacks: productivity hacks apps that help track time and activities find out what the pomodoro technique [...]


    10X YOUR THOUGHTS   When it comes to thinking about thinking beyond yourself and 10x your thoughts most people relate to Google. Why? Well……its that they think about how they [...]

  • EP131 – Adapt or Die

    ADAPT OR DIE Changing circumstances and the ability to accept it! The reality is that we cant avoid a changing environment and the more we try to fight it the harder [...]

  • EP103 – Nontrepreneur – FT Twenty Nothings

    EP103 FT Twenty Nothings In this weeks episode, we are joined by Muyiwa of the Twenty_Nothings and we discuss -Interviewing Influencers and peoples journeys into business -Why getting a 2.1 [...]

  • EP94 – Trusting Your Intuition

    Trusting your Intuition Do you Trust yours? Intuition is often described as a deep awareness derived from within that often motives us to act automatically and often without question. Have [...]

  • EP86 – What a Bully

    Being bullied is somethnig that happens on a a regular basis, not only in schools and amongst children, but also within the workplace to adults too.There is no single way [...]

  • EP63 – Dreams and Relationships do they work?

    Dreams and Relationships do they work? Here is a question; is it possible to achieve your dreams and while dating or entering a new relationship. There is no denial that [...]