EP60 – The Importance of an Hour

The Importance of an Hour

The below is a very interesting, fictional, story I read a while back that I thought id share as this weeks episode write up to hopefully inspire and impact people that read it.

Do enjoy!

Two young men graduated from college together 20 years ago. Both men came from similar backgrounds, had similar intellects, and similar skills.

Twenty years later, one of those men had progressed to be a mid-level manager in his company, while the other became the company CEO

while this participial story is not based on true event, it does prompt the following question?

Why do otherwise similarly talented people diverge in their career performances over time?

Why is is that many people are smarter than their bosses, yet still working for them?

I submit that the difference comes down to how we spend one hour per day.

Most everything ive ever accomplished in my life initially started by devoting one hour per day to an activity other people were not doing.

Sometimes it was reading a book. Other times it was making an extra phone call to connect with someone. Sometimes it would be meeting new contacts for a coffee.

When I made these one hour a day decisions, it was an investment based on a simple premise.

If you want average results, do the things that most people do

if you want exceptional results, do the things that most people aren’t willing to do.

Follow this simple idea for one hour a day, and over time it adds up. Its the compound interest concept coined to be the 7th wonder of the world by Albert Einstein.

Want to change your physique? One hour a day

want to learn a new language? One hour a day

want to grow your network or relationships? One hour a day

want that promotion? One hour a day

the vast majority of things in life can be accomplished by being very deliberate in how you invest your time

It all starts with just One hour a day

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EP60 – The Importance of an Hour

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