EP2 – Why is personal development so important?

Is personal development a major key to success?

Believe it or not but personal development is fundamental for growth and if you have a vision then success.
Make sure you define success for yourself and keep in mind success should be about you and not external assets like money – Your success should be having the ability, skills, and knowledge and a byproduct is money made.
It’s about you, who are you without all the extras.

Personal development starts when you say today is the day I will grow, this is when the journey begins.

Why is the term “Journey” used often?

because when you made the commit to start the journey you have in mind where you are heading and every now and again you will look back to see how far you have come.

As you go on this journey it will be a challenge and you will question if you have taken the right path, others will question what are you doing but the most important thing you can do is address your goals.

Have your goals written down!

Something happens when you write your goals down and if you can surround yourself with people who will help you achieve them.

Your friendship or interaction with people may change as you grow, you need to be around people who are growing as well.
If you don’t you will be faced with people talking irrelevant subjects and simply be wasting your valuable time and energy by doing so.

Hear our views on personal development, including some harsh truth in cutting and block certain people.

What did this episode cover:-

  • We spoke about how you become the average of your 5 closest people
  • Should you be carrying other people including “Killer Man Shank”
  • Hear Ola talk about his gains?
  • Will our next podcast be recorded from a coffee shop in Amsterdam?
  • Hear about the books that kick-started our journey?
  • What do you know about FU Money?
  • Only regretting the thing you don’t do!
  • Do your fears hold you back?

What books help us on our journey?

[amazon_link asins=’0684858398,1589795474,0986255602,1612680011,1847370292′ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’tagmeinpodcas-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’1a7faaa8-2f76-11e7-9767-eb6323451084′]

I’m not a fan of books check out Youtube:-


Improvement Pill

Practical Psychology 

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EP2 - Why is personal development so important?

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