EP96 – Be Defiant..Become The Norm

Defying Urban Myths

What are your thoughts on new experiences and activities?
Do you like to push yourself out of your comfort zone?

We had an amazing conversation with Daryl from Urban Shredderz who discussed his love and passion for snowboarding, and more importantly to defy stereotypes.

Urban Shredderz aims to unite like-minded people that want to try something new or shred as a collective; so whether you’re a snowboarder, skier, beginner, intermediate or advanced. Also, they want to encourage those of Pan-African heritage and other cultural backgrounds to defy stereotypes by getting involved.

By sharing their experiences, urban shredders aim to reshape the definition of the ‘norm’ socially. Through inclusivity, they stand with those that have felt like they wouldn’t fit in or didn’t know where to begin; embracing people regardless of culture, nationality, gender, religion and ability. We’ll share tips, pictures, videos, upcoming events and festivals throughout the seasons.


You can find and follow Daryl and Urban Shredderz on the following platforms:

Instagram: urbanshredderz
Twitter: @urbanshredderz 


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EP96 – Be Defiant..Become The Norm

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