Trusting your Intuition

Do you Trust yours?

Intuition is often described as a deep awareness derived from within that often motives us to act automatically and often without question.

Have you ever had the experience of knowing a situation just doesn’t feel right? That nagging feeling that something might be off.

Guess what, that’s your gut instinct and it speaks to all of us. Some more clearly than others.

There have been studies that have shown that following that intuition feeling helps us as individuals to make better decisions and gives us more confidence in them over time.

The reality is that its very powerful. The power comes form learning to trust your gut which can be a competitive advantage for most in life.

A tool many use to assist them in making yes/no decision is in the form of a test. The way it works is that you simply write down on a piece of paper, the question or problem in a simple Yes or no format.

Write ye or no below the question.
Leave the paper with a pen nearby whilst you do something else that’ll distract you from the question for up to 2 hours.
Then return to the paper and grab your pen and close your eyes.
Open your eyes and without hesitation, circle yes or no. Whatever you choose is your guts answer.

It is known that intuition is not able to flourish well in clouded environments. As such, to get a real sense of insight from inside yourself its important to reflect on your experiences. Alternatives that could be used include simply documenting in a journal your daily activities and feelings as well as thoughts. This can be done via bullet journals too. Walks to clear you mind and create space. Meditation has also been known to calm the mind and bring peace to people.

The thought that intuition could potentially help people make better decisions leads to the thought that perhaps its still worth paying attention to. So when that inner voice is talking to you, it might be worth you taking the time to listen to it.

What are some of your thoughts on following and going with your intuition?

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EP94 – Trusting Your Intuition

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EP94 – Trusting Your Intuition
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