In this weeks episode, Anton & Ola discuss how a persona financial position and or view on money can influence and impact their day to day and long term financial decisions.
Something such s buying a house further away from loved ones to find somewhere affordable can seem simple but have a significant impact on how often your immediate family can access you.

Many people use money to guide a lot of their life decisions. Theres an arguement for wether or not this is the right thing to do.
If you had plans to go travelling – but it was dpeendant on wether or not you had enough saved in the bank – which could theoretically take a lot longer than you might expect, would mean that you may potentially get the opportunity to go and see the world for all its beauty.

Something to think about!

How much does money impact your day to day life decisions?

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EP92 – How Money Dictates Your Life Decisions!

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EP92 – How Money Dictates Your Life Decisions!
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