The gift of giving gifts – Love language


Sometimes regarded as one of the most difficult love languages to understand and justify, even though unfairly so.

Most tend to see this love language as selfishness or materialism but it is not necessarily the case. Those people that have this as their main love language, receiving gifts is a way for them to understand and truly believe that love is well thought out and true. Some people need the visible and tangible symbols of love to feel the connection between themselves and their partner and or loved ones.

Receiving gifts is the love language for people that feel cared for and provided with another person’s efforts. Such gifts do not have to be expensive. They are not supposed to be thought of just as monetary price tags. The higher the cost, does not mean the higher the appreciation. Stating this, a simple card can be more precious to me than a pair of shoes. It truly does depends on the context. The more “surprising” and meaningful, the more it will be remembered.

Something that people with partners whose main love language is receiving gifts should bear in mind is that the more natural the gift was given (as in the giver was not asked to, or hinted for, or begged), the more appreciative and loved that partner will feel.

Remember that if your significant other is not good at gifting, it will be very hard for you to be in the relationship long term – as essentially your love tank is not being filled.

The trick with giving gifts is to pick the right gift that will show that you’ve been listening and fully understand your partner in the relationship.

It may be worth looking for a gift that your partner has been for or would appreciate based on what they speak about when around you.

Below are a few examples of gifts to consider getting them:

  • Voucher for flights if they love traveling.
  • Event tickets for a musician they are very fond of.
  • Buying possessions they own that have either worn out or is broken or lost.
  • Ordering their favorite cake/childhood product.
  • Blowing their favorite picture up to large size.
  • Keep a note in your phone of specific things they mention wanting or needing so you have a list of gift ideas for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays

What great ideas do you have for giving gifts to loved ones?
Share them below

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EP82 – Giving Gifts – Love Language

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EP82 – Giving Gifts – Love Language
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