EP8 – How To Get Out Of Friendzone

How To Get Out Of Friendzone

So the Urban Dictionary has a definition of what the “Friendzone” is –“When a girl decides that you’re her friend, you’re no longer a dating option. You become this complete non-sexual entity in her eyes, like her brother, or a lamp.”


A harsh reality but we thought it would be good to have an episode discussing our experiences of living in the friend zone.

What is interesting is there are hundreds of online definitions, courses and learning material to how to avoid getting into the learning zone. Is it worth it? Should you just accept it and keep moving.

*Disclaimer* We ignored the fact that this could be an emotional and painful episode before recording.

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Have you ever been interested in a male perspective of what it is like living in the friend zone (I know I make it sound like a holiday destination)?
We know that being friendzone happens to both genders but as males, we can only give our side but with that being said please tweet us/email/message us and share your experiences.

Why does it happen?  


The first and simplest reason is she’s just not attracted you, we all have our preferences and we all know what we find attractive.

You may be sitting in the friend zone right now thinking you tick all the boxes but you are overlooking an important attributed which is a physical attraction.

Not our advice but you can make yourself attractive physically but in honestly if they are not interested in you based on who you are then don’t do it for them but for yourself.

2) Finding a Match

Especially if you are a switched on person you will desire a partner who is on your level -“Why settle for less?”, people who end up in mutually-satisfying relationships often match their partners equally in traits such as physical attractiveness, or education, or social status.

3) Confidence

A big factor if you tick both points above is that you have been too afraid to take it to the next level.

Sometimes the lack of confidence or clearly communicating your feelings can result in getting less than you set out for.

So rather than getting stuck in the friend zone by being scared state what is desired up front.

It is better to make an even and honest trade and if the other person is not interested, it is better to simply walk away and find someone else who is.

4) Nice Guys Finish Last/Making Them Work

We are not too sure if this phrase is exactly true, but it is a throwaway comment for those living in the friend zone.

The phrase best describes when you like a girl and you compliment her regularly and will do anything for.
But the feeling is not mutual, and to make things worse later down the line that very person has begun dating someone who you know deep down is not right for you (the burn).

But why do nice guys finish last, some say it down to nice guys don’t offer women a challenge they make it very “easy” for the other person to be with, their niceness is often taken for granted and forgotten.

5) Just wants to be friends

We do overlook the basically at times and here is another one. Maybe the person just simply wants to be friends.

Sometimes people value the friendship more than anything, maybe her tolerance extends to a friendship boundary and in a relationship, you would clash often.

Not sure if you are in the friend zone, if you hear any of these it’s time to accept your fate:-

I want you to meet XYZ; my new boyfriend or I see you more as a brother.

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EP8 - How To Get Out Of Friendzone

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