EP75 -Perseverance, Persistence and Determination

EP75 -Perseverance, Persistence and Determination

In this episode, Anton Richardson and Ola Fagbamila cover:-

  • When was the last time we gave up?
  • Identifying the key traits required to complete a goal
  • How does motivation play a factor?

Ups and downs in life

We are constantly faced with challenging moment in our lives, these ups and downs moments do test our will to continue and not give up on a dream, goal or something we wanted to achieve.

It is in these difficult moments we will naturally find it easier to walk away rather than commit, especially when learning something new – watch a young kid learning how to tie up their shoelaces, they will find it frustrating at times, and they will need aid from others to coach them to keep going and trying.
However, in adult life, we don’t have those around us at all times and that push has to come from an internal source, but you can reach out to others to hold you accountable or even have stakes/bets/rewards in place for when you do achieve a goal.

Never forget to reflect

Think about the moments where you have kept at something and achieved it?

How did you feel?

You can achieve anything you put your mind to, you have proven this already.

How bad do you want it?

The above question is what will keep you going through those challenging or difficult times, it’s your desire to achieve it.

Don’t forget to remind yourself the reason you are doing something, change your language from “one day I wish” to “I have to”

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EP75 -Perseverance, Persistence and Determination

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