EP73 – Friends becoming Family

EP73 – Friends becoming Family

In this episode, Anton Richardson and Ola Fagbamila cover:-

  • Can your friends be classed as family?
    • Is there an appropriate point that you can cut off your family?
    • Is there a fixed number of close friends a person can have?
    • Does social media play in impact in the strength of relationship?
    • Does proximity influence the strength of a friendship?


Taken from Ola’s recent experience in Nigeria of which he witnessed first hand the strength of his parent friendship which has spanned over 30 plus years.

Have you ever found yourself saying to a friend you are like a brother/sister to me, what do you mean when you say this to them? Is the love and bound that strong that they have shifted from just being a friend to an actual family member; you expect to see their face at a family occasion or at least an invited.

It fascinating to witness friendship withstanding difficult times, and it lead us to the question of when does a friend transition to a family status.

Studies have suggested that alongside diet, exercise and genetics the key to a happier and longer life is having close friendships with strong connections.
Which makes sense to us two especially when there are only certain thing you will tell your friends and not your family, and it is these friends that help and assist you.

The overall theme of episode is to understand the secret sauce in what keeps a friendship so strong and we have tried to learn from the elderly and we think the key attributes are:-

  • Good communication
  • Make time for each other
  • Show your friends your appreciate the friendship by putting in effort

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EP73 – Friends becoming Family

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