EP66 – Where Are You Now 2!


A few months back and Anton decided to really let everyone into our personal lives by sharing our innermost personal situations, worries, challenges – worts and all.

It definitely wasn’t an easy recording but it made for some of our most interactive material – in terms of feedback from listeners and likes.

Most people go through life experiencing some type of adversity. The vast majority of people around the world will go through some pretty tough times at some point in their lives. What a lot of people don’t go on to realize is that more importantly, they all have the potential to get even better at resilience.

Emotional, autobiographical storytelling can be a path to truly owning your entire story and truth. Even more powerful is that, by “giving it away,” people can use their own journeys as a means of helping others on theirs.


1) understanding that sharing your story can help other people

Stories are known to be very healing and many people benefit from getting the opportunity to pass on their wisdom to others. This can be especially powerful for people who do not always feel that they have the chance to help others. Resilience is strengthened by recognizing that we are all experts in our own lives and we all have something to share with others. Another piece of this is starting to understand that words can have power—positive power—on others. It took me a while and experience of sharing my personal story to realise this [Ola]

2) Finding your own voice

storytelling is also powerful because it helps you to find your own voice. Finding your voice simply means learning how to express yourself and learning how to think about what has happened in your life in a way that makes sense.

3) Re-affirming your values

Sometimes you learn things about yourself from the act of writing or storytelling. It can be a way to clarify what is important. Many of the people we have spoken to have mentioned that pausing to tell your story can be a good reminder of your priorities. It is so easy to get swept up in the day-to-day hustle and bustle. Taking some time to focus on values can be beneficial.

4) Finding peace, finding hope & showing gratitude

What’s the difference between someone who has achieved resilience and someone who has not? One important difference is a sense of well-being. People who have found their voice, shared their story, and reaffirmed their values often find a sense of peace and a hopefulness that they did not have before. As well as showing gratitude for all they have

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EP66 – Where Are You Now 2!

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