EP63 – Dreams and Relationships do they work?

Dreams and Relationships do they work?

Here is a question; is it possible to achieve your dreams and while dating or entering a new relationship.

There is no denial that entering a relationship is a huge commitment which will need attention, time and effort.

We can’t predict the future and there may come a time in our lives where we are at a crossroad and have to think about whether we want to enter a relationship which could potentially distract us from our big goals.

So do we take a chance? Do we allow another person to enter our life and yes that means sharing your time and focus.

What can we do to help us enter this relationship:-

Find a good partner

Your relationship should make you feel good, it should nourish and revitalise you.
Make sure you chose the right partner, a bad partner is likely to drain you of your energy which can impact your motivation and dreams.


Each person has to support each other, goals and dreams, it can’t be from one side.

Sacrificing dreams can lead to resentment so much sure you communicate your goals clearly to your partner and help them understand how they can support you.


Respect your partners’ dreams, if you don’t respect or value your partners’ dreams you won’t make it a priority and as a result, you will neglect it and this could lead to resentment, anger, and other negative emotions.

If you’re trying to make it work with the wrong person while you pursue your dream, both areas are going to fall apart — you will feel bothered and pestered by your girlfriend to spend time with her or give her your attention, which is going to create stress and animosity in your relationship, which is going to carry over and cause your work life to suffer as well.


You may not be able to see or speak to each other all the time, so communicate your schedule and when you will be busy.

You have to show your partner that they matter, have open communications with each other and monitor and evaluate your relationship. Keep them involved in your plans, goals, and next moves; communicate goals for your relationship as well.


A difficult one but understanding your partner by placing yourself in their shoes, understand this is there dreams.

Listening carefully and paying attention will help you understand what the other person is saying, pay attention to their voice; tone but also body language to understand when they are uptight or relaxed.

Have your own life

Have your own separate life to your partner, it creates a sense of dependency.

Schedule Quality Time 

Make time for each other whether it will be a weekly/monthly date. Have a time during which you can reconnect with your partner.

You are going to have to schedule quality time together. This could be scheduling a weekly date night, or a day on the weekend that you spend together every week, free of work distractions.

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EP63 – Dreams and Relationships do they work?

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