EP62 – Breaking The Pattern

Breaking The Pattern

Have you ever thought about taking the unconventional route to life?

what does that even mean?

well, most go through life with the basic lifeline of go to school, graduate with a degree, get a 9-5, get married, start a family, and then retire.

But thinking different is a big part of being unconventional and living a lifestyle beyond the average – essentially breaking the pattern.

If you think like everyone else you’re going to be like everyone else.

If you think average, you are going to be average. 

I believe that if we were all stuck in our child-year-old minds, we’d have one amazing unconventional and creative world out there.

Breaking the pattern means breaking loose from the status quo. It means doing something special, being remarkable.

It’s the path less traveled. Taking alternative routes. Doing things differently, the unorthodox way.

Unconventional means you don’t live life based on traditions and conventions, but based on your own terms.

Living unconventional means breaking free of conformity, not accepting rules or standards as the norm at which to base your life and personality on.

It is questioning and rejecting what is generally done or believed.

Unconventional can but doesn’t have to mean crazy. Sometimes crazy can be unconventional. Other times it’s just madness.

Above all, it means taking the courage to stand up for yourself.

How to break the pattern of your Life

Some people seem to naturally be unconventional and live an unconventional lifestyle. More than often though, people make conscious decisions.

breaking the pattern doesnt simply happen overnight, it does take time and effort.

here are ways you can get the ball rolling in your life to break the pattern and lie your life to the max.

1. Be a dreamer.
Do you have a dream? Many people live average lives because they don’t have dreams or passions. But they are so important. Reclaim your dreams. Allow yourself to be passionate about anything you desire.

2. Align your values, beliefs and dreams to your life.
To align means to arrange things in a line, to put them in relation. If your values, beliefs and dreams are not aligned, you won’t be able to live all of them properly and clearly. Living a life out of alignment means constantly contradicting yourself.

3. Stop caring about what other people think about you.
Because those who matter don’t mind, and those who mind don’t matter. It’s that simple and true. Other people’s opinions are worth nothing, nada, zero, null. Other people don’t live your life, you are. If people say you can’t or shouldn’t do something, do it anyway. Just stop caring.

4. Do what you want, not what you should.
Believing in doing what you should means trusting other people’s opinions and society’s conventions and rules. Doing what you want is not giving a damn and believing in yourself.

5. Test your comfort zone.
Then stretch it. If living an unconventional lifestyle was super easy and comfy, then everyone would be doing it. Sometimes you have to step outside of your comfort zone to get to the awesome stuff.

6. Look into yourself and be yourself.
I feel like most people have no idea who they are. They end up living a superficial and average life. You have to know yourself, so that you can be yourself. If you try to be someone else or copy other people’s way of doing things, you’re stuck in conventional and boring. You are unique, show it to the world. There is no one else like you, so living your individuality is what being unconventional is actually all about.

7. Criticise and have your own opinion about life and the world.
HAVE AN OPINION. And say it! No matter how strong or different from the majority or your peers. Stand up for what you believe in! I hate people with no opinions, who you can’t have a proper conversation about the world and values and politics and lifestyles with. To have an opinion, you have to read (not necessarily the news, but books etc.) and talk to other people, engage in discussions and arguments. Look inside of yourself and ask, what’s my own opinion about this? Don’t just adopt everyone else’s.

8. Get inspired!!
Go and find people who live a life you admire and find out how they are doing it. Then figure out a way how you can make it happen for yourself. Remember to pick and chose. Not every lifestyle that one person lives and is happy might suit someone else 100%. Combine what inspires you with what you believe in and feel comfortable with.

9. Get in touch with your creativity.
Creativity is a major driving force and can take you to incredible places in your mind (and life). We all have a source of creativity, all you have to do is find it and tap into it. Boring people have a hard time spelling the word ‘creativity’, awesome unconventional people come up with ideas and use them.

10. Figure out your mission in life, then go live it. And share it.
You want to impact the world awesomely? Find a way to do that. Figuring out your mission means also figuring out the values you live and believe in.

11. Find a cause that you believe in and integrate it in your life.
Eg. You want to save the oceans? Become part of an ocean conservation organisation and take part in their activities and projects. Or you want to change people’s lives for the better? Start a bloody blog and spread your message.

12. Take risks and be ok with failures.
When you experiment with unconventional lifestyle you might end up walking on unstable or unproven ground. That’s awesome, good on you, it takes courage. But taking risks means being ok with whichever way it turns out, which could also be down and out. Fail. Just take failures and mistakes as they come, get over them, try again or try something different. That’s just life.

Let us know your thoughts on how you break the pattern in your life!

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EP62 – Breaking The Pattern

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