EP61 – Empty your pockets into your mind

Empty your pockets into your mind…..and your mind will fill your pockets

Have you ever read a book that has changed your life? Perhaps it has made you see life in a different way; maybe it gifted you with the knowledge to complete a project on task.

We often overlook how a book can provide so much insight into our everyday lives; we live in a world with so much complexity.
A book can be seen as the cheat code to unlocking a special feature or weapon in the “Game of Life”.
Books are the creation of someone’s masterpiece and mind, it can often give you an insight into their view of the world or even their imagination.

There are books for every aspect of life whether it be to gain an change in mindset or lifestyle.
Each of us has the potential for growth and there is no better stimulate or steroid than acquiring knowledge from reading, Yes you may be the average of your 5 closest people including your friends, family and teacher but their knowledge can be limited and a book can allow you access into another life or time period.

What’s also great about reading or acquiring knowledge is sharing it with other people, a simple conversation can be started by recognising a book cover.





Spiritual Matters



How to cheat?

The conventional method of reading isn’t for everyone and their own some hacks you can use:-



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EP61 – Empty your pockets into your mind

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