I have never lied

Let’s play a quick game, the rules of the game are to answer the next questions truthfully and honestly:-

  • Have you ever told a lie?
  • Have you told a lie in the last 72 hours?

Are you a liar? Well apparently, on average humans lie about ten times a week.

Is there a thing such as a bad lie or a good lie?

So the existence of Santa was one of the biggest lies told to me whilst growing up but were my parent wrong for doing so, were they telling a good lie or a bad lie?

If lying is a factor in human behaviour then where do we draw the line between a good lie or a bad lie, or is a “Lie a Lie”. The intention may be good or bad but it’s an LIE.

Another example is you are responsible for arranging a friends surprise birthday, but you are withholding the truth from your friend, you may even tell a little lie about where you are going to be on their birthday.

Why do we lie?

Many psychologists say we are primed to deceive and studies has shown that there are clear biological benefits to dishonesty but also emotional stress.

But what are the factors behind lying:-

  •  To protect ourselves
    • To Cover up a mistake
    • To escape other people
  • To get somewhere
    • Shape a positive image of themselves
    • To get one’s way/desire
  • Out of fear
    • To fit in
    • Acceptance
    • To avoid confrontations
  • To intentionally hurt someone
  • To protect someone


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EP59 – I have never lied!

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EP59 – I have never lied!
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