Many believe that some of life’s most important lessons should be taught in school, whilst others believe they should be taught at home, and some through life experience.

The best approach is subjective, however a combination of all three would be ideal for most to incorporate.

With reference to education through school – the argument being that as you spend the vast majority of your formative years in formal education it would make sense for most of the important lessons, teaching and skills to come from this sector. such teaching such as basic cooking skills, communications and interpersonal skills and the likes.


As people age they realise that they tend to use less and less of what they learned in school while discovering more and more skills that are vital to success in life which were not taught in school!

For the vast majority of the population, myself particularly, it wasn’t until after school that my education really began.

Here are some of the main skills that should be taught in school for long term success, but unfortunately aren’t currently.

How to network effectively and make people like you

The reason being that its a skill that is so essential to success that affects every area of your life (from dating, to family, to work)

It is a well known fact that there is great power in knowing you can reach out to your network whenever you have a problem to solve, to be able to reach key influencers at conferences and meetings, to make an impression on audiences, to project confidence and trustworthiness, and to make friends with other successful people.

Effective goal setting and time management

A study carried out in the 50s found that graduates who had set life goals were 40% happier and more successful in high paying jobs than their counterparts who hadn’t set any goals at all. This goes to show the power of goal setting, something that isn’t actively taught in schools unfortunately. But can have a profound and intensive impact on people lives if taken seriously and followed.

This can be in simple forms such as not multi-track, having uninterrupted time for tasks, to do lists, unimportant vs important tasks too.

Basic financial literacy/money management

As money is probably the only tool that people utilise on a daily basis thorough their adult lives, it would make sense to teach its importance, impact, and good use from a young age. However this isn’t the case. People are left to fend for themselves and learn some of life’s lessons regarding money the hard way.

people are never taught how to build wealth, which is why we have a nation in credit card debt. Moreover, they are never taught the power of passive income streams and how to really break free from the rat race of working 9-to-5.
A lot of people lose their homes to being behind on mortgage payments, and less than 29% of the population (according to charity step change) have no savings whatsoever for a rainy day or an immediate emergency.

How to be handle failure/ be successful in life

Although highly subjective there are at least three main areas in which most can agree success is the same: namely wealth, health and relationships. Children are taught when they don’t get a certain grade that they’ve failed. This sets a bad tone, doesn’t encourage children to want to try again with certain tasks. Children should be taught that when they fail, they’ve actually learnt how not to do something, as oppose to being taught they are wrong. This stops a lot of adults in later life from ever trying to achieve certain goals and dreams fo theirs.


Changes within the schooling system can take decades to take effect on a national scale. As such, its up to us as individuals to  educate ourselves on the world I which we live in. This means reading, networking, mentor-ship, audio books, workshops, blogs and, documentaries etc.

What lessons weren’t you taught in school that you wish you were?
What have been the most important/impactful lessons you’ve learnt outside of school?
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