Life As A Male Nanny

Recent years have seen a significant shift in the male – female dynamic.
more specifically this relates to the social, economic and career aspects.
More women are taking up roles in male dominated industries, more men are coming to terms with parenthood and the expression of their emotions amongst many examples.

one new phenomenon of these being Male nanny’s. or more specifically “Mannys”. The beauty here being that the increased gender equality is leading to a breakdown in gender stereotypes, particularly within the workplace.

This is essentially a male child care. these sorts of roles are normally associated with women and female careers.
As such, My self and Anton found it rather interesting when we came across a male nanny who had been getting so much work and many recommendation we felt we had to get him on an episode.

Different Viewpoint

It would be fair to say that most Mannys are hoping to convince people that men are just as good at childcare as women, but interestingly enough some parents maintain a traditional view that these types of roles should be maintained for females:

Single Parent families

Mannies are becoming increasingly popular amongst single mothers who want a male role model around the house for their children. And it makes perfect sense – the fact that you can balance the energy and influence on a child’s life based on a simple choice of who looks after the child at certain intervals seems to be making its way into mainstream childcare, particularly within the UK.

Although not an entirely new concept – the advent of mannys in and around the UK, as well as the world, is helping to normalise the concept of the manny, which will only be a good thnig for both men and women.

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EP54 – Life As a Male Nanny

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EP54 – Life As a Male Nanny
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