EP53 – Do you enjoy your own company?

Do you enjoy your own company?

Born out of a story Ola told about a work colleague who wanted to go for lunch but because no one joined her she opted for the vending machine because she didn’t feel comfortable about having lunch alone.

Growing up we both admitted to seeing people who were eating by themselves and felt sorry for them. But as we got older we started to credit them for it.

It’s often our own narrative that put us off doing things and how we perceive other people.

Can you recall how you previously used to look at people? Was it a negative stigma? Is it something along the line of “aww” look at them all alone.

Amazingly, some people can not do things alone because of their insecurities and fear of being alone with their own thoughts.

But there is so much benefits from being able to do thing alone.

  • Not reliant on others – If there is something you are interested in but no one else is interested.
    • You have no issue going alone – of course, it would be nice to go with others to share the experience but that’s not going to stop you.
  • Discovery – You find your own interests and likes, you can explore new things as you please
  • No need to compromise – often when with others you have to compromise
  • Builds current relationships – Doing your own thing can have an impact on current relationships; the time away will allow you to think how you can improve relationships
  • Timeout for yourself – you often need to time for yourself to re-energise.
    • Think about taking yourself away just to recharge and relax
  • Strength in self – overcoming the uncomfortable feeling of being by yourself can make you stronger.
    • You won’t need to seek approval from others, the only approval you need is your own.
  • Love for self –If you can love your time alone, you begin to love traits about yourself.

Now it is important to get the balance right, you can enjoy your own company too much. You may spend every moment of the day in solitude and feel you don’t need anyone around you.

Interaction with others make for better experiences and memories, you also have a system that can support you.
Often a conversation about a problem can aid a person, even those who think they can deal with it themselves.

The most important thing to establish in life is if you want to do something, don’t wait on others especially if no one is interested. Just ACT.



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EP53 – Do you enjoy your own company?

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