EP49 – What impact do you have on others?

What influence do you have on others?

Have you ever just sat back and asked yourself, What influence do I have on others?

There is no denying we are often shaped by our environment, what we watch, who we hang around with and more.

This is completely understandable as most behaviour is actually learnt.

Influence is closer to home then we think

At times we fail to ignore that most influences come a lot closer to home – “US”.

Think about it we interact with various people day to day and all interaction could potentially have an influence on someone; whether that is good or bad (that’s for you to work out?)

Influences come from all areas of life:-

  • Family
  • Work
  • Relationship
  • Online
  • Regional

Do you have awareness?

Have you ever come across someone who is having a bad day and their energy impacts yours…  what is interesting is that this individual may not even have the awareness of their own behaviour … Awareness is key.

Question – Do you understand as an individual you can have an impact on others?

The younger generation are more susceptible

The young generations are more susceptible to influence, which highlights the importance of awareness especially if you are in close contact with children frequently.

If you grew up as the older sibling you probably heard this narrative of “You are the oldest you have to set a good example, you are the leader of the pack”. When young this is a huge pressure; you just want to live your life and not be concerned about others.

As you get older you become aware of your influence on younger siblings, who quite often just want to be like you (depending on the age and how cool you are.)

Perhaps you had an older sibling who set the bar, and your parents may reference to echo their expectation.

As volunteers and mentors, we have become aware of the influence we have on young kids but also how scary it is at the same time.


Your Circle of Influence


Think about your circle or the people you spend most your time with, believe it or not, but they all have an influence on you. If you have people who don’t appreciate your dreams and time they may influence you to attend needless events taking you away from your path.

We also understand the need for visibility of people in high/senior positions or chasing their dreams, it breaks down any fear or doubts they may have in their head about achieving something.

Even down to friendships, by doing you and pursuing thing you can influence others and make them believe they can achieve too.

So start on a local level those who are close to you, share your journey

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EP49 – What impact do you have on others?

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