Happy Mothers Day!!!

It is that time of the year where we celebrate our mothers although we don’t believe we should wait once a year for this day.

The roles of our mothers have played a vital role in our development, who else could you run to when you cut your leg or you wanted a quick snack to eat.


Our mothers are often our primary caregivers, Dads are in the frame too but our first connections will always be with our mothers.

But what is very interesting is it isn’t until we hit adult life that we start to show appreciation towards your mother, I (Anton) generally believe this is because as young infants we are not aware of the lengths they go to provide, support and care for us.
It’s only when we hit adult life we notice the difficulties it all, even the simple things like making sure your fridge is stocked after a long day at work.

As adults we become aware that we are a product of our environments, most behaviours we exhibit are by exposure. For example, the act of saying “please” and “thank you” was taught but often picked up by watching the way other treat each other.

Now, this isn’t to say all traits picked up from our environment are good, we do learn some bad characteristics but you have your life to address those and pass on those lessons to the next generation.

As a teenager you’ve probably played the “Blame Game“, it’s not my fault it is theirs! Some people use this as an excuse for their our behaviour, they blame their childhood but fail to understand our mothers are only humans and are bound to make mistakes.

When a child enters the world they aren’t given an instruction manual – “Please feed every 2 to 3 hours“, the moment you enter the world it is their first year in school.
A lot of emphases is placed on the mother side, but in all honesty, as grown adults, we have the right to try and improve the relationship and show appreciation towards them.

Not all parent relationships are sweet, they aren’t the TV standard like Fresh Prince or My Wife and Kids, we do go through some rocky patches and may not speak for days, months and even years.
Depending on the value of the relationship you may try and fight, or reflect on moments and identify areas where you may have crossed the line and may reach out to apologise to them – No One is Perfect.

On a finishing note, how do you express love to your mothers? Sometimes we take them for granted and don’t make a strong effort to fill their love tank (Some may wait for mothers day).
Do you tell your mother you love her? Have you worked out their love language and make effort to spend quality time with them etc.

Love to all those mothers celebrating from the Tag Me In Podcast team, we appreciate you.



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EP47 – Celebrating Mothers
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