EP43 – I wish I hadn’t worked so hard

Isn’t it interesting that one of the regrets of the dying was wishing they never worked as hard as they did?

Sometimes the one thing we tend to overlook is the importance of time and how we use it.
Time is the one assets that we can not get back once it is gone, so it’s important we learn how to best use our time on a day to day basis.

One thing to highlight is that we often spend a majority of time at work. Yet again highlight the importance of making the most of our free time to spend with friends and family.

So how do we avoid working hard and work smart?

It’s necessary that we learn how to work smarter rather than harder, hard work cannot truly be avoided but you can arm and prepare yourself to work smarter:-

  • If there is something you can outsource then leverage the benefits of the internet, there are a vast number of platforms which you can use to find freelancers.
  • Review your current methods of work and identify areas that you can improve on, search far and wide whether that’s a Google Search, investing in books or going on a course to aid you.
  • Writing down your tasks, spending 5 minutes to plan your day can be the difference between working hard and working smart.
  • Armed with your todo list you can prioritise tasks, which will help you understand where to spend your energy
  • Limit your distractions by putting your phone on do not disturb or put it into Black and white mode, by avoiding distractions you should free up more time in your day.
  • Questions always help with every situation so consider these:-
    • Ask yourself – “What really matters in life?” – when working hard ask yourself is there something more important that you are ignoring.
    • If you had 2 hours more a day what would you do? – If it screams out to spend more time with family then make a conscious decision to improve on those relations
    • What 3 things do I need to complete today? Prioritising helps you work on what really important

Do you have any other suggestions for working smarter?

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EP43 – I wish I hadn’t worked so hard

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