I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends

It’s interesting to know that one of the common regrets of the dying is not realising the full benefits of old friendships.


It’s only up to their dying weeks do some come to the realisation and by then it is difficult to track them down.

As individuals we often get ourselves caught up in our own lives and over time we let our friendships fade over the years.


Have you been guilty of this?

Naturally growing apart, lack of effort, or Distancing yourself?

Some friendship naturally grow apart over time, and that is ok – we often grow at different times and some friendship are for a season. 


Some friendship have come to an end by choice may be due to a disagreement or a realisation and sometimes years later we reflect and feel we could have reacted differently.

Some friendship have broken down due to a lack of effort.

If you are reflecting on some friendship it is good to notice the causes to help you build and improve them.


Showing Appreciation

Showing your friends appreciation goes a long way, whether it would be as simple as writing a card or a letter to them, or taking them out for an appreciation meal.

We sometimes overlook the things that matter in life, and the best thing to do is take time out and reflect deeply on your relationships.


  • Work on communication
    • Ask questions like “What can I change to improve this friendship”
    • Work out and understand each other – one of the biggest causes of conflict is misunderstanding and expectations
  • Frequency, make a commitment to speak, see each other on a regular basis
  • Find events that you share common interests


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EP41 – I wish i had stayed in touch with my friends

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EP41 – I wish i had stayed in touch with my friends
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