EP39 -Being true to yourself and not others expectations

Being true to yourself and not others expectations

Believe it or not, the most common regrets the dying have is not Being True to yourself and leaving to other peoples expectations.
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Are you surprised?

Think about your past especially when you was in secondary/high school and all you cared about is fitting in; although puberty is a difficult moment we do have people around us placing expectation on us – like what is cool and what isn’t

One of the biggest expectations is usually from those closest to us – Family. Depending on your upbringing your parents may have said or visioned for you to be either a lawyer or doctor.
Unknowingly these expectations could have a negative impact on our growth and development, even more worrying some may later resent their partners in the future.

Go with that gut feeling!

Often in life, we are faced with moments of decisions such as attending a friends party. Everyone is going and hyped up for it but deep down you don’t want to go.
Your insides are screaming not to go, but you are worried people will label you as “boring”. What do you do? If you go you will be fronting, expending unnecessary energy and waiting for the first opportunity to go home.


Do you be true to yourself and have the courage to speak how you feel, “I’m not feeling it to be honest – it’s a no from me. But have fun”.

Although difficult you aren’t putting yourself in a situation you don’t want to be in.

Benefits of being true to yourself

  • You are respecting yourself by being true
  • You aren’t using energy trying to maintain a persona
  • You will be happier for it

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How to be true to yourself?

We shared a few of our experiences that have helped:-

  • Learn that you can’t please everyone
  • Learn to be selfish at times for your own benefit
  • Understand you have one life so make the most out of it
  • Seek internal happiness – check out our previous episode on self-love
  • Form a protective barrier from external voices and expectations
  • Take time out to reflect
  • Ask yourself questions, why am I doing this, who am I doing this for?

Remember you are the one that is walking around with your body for 24 hours, 7 days a week – do what is best for yourself.

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EP39 -Being true to yourself and not others expectations

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