EP21 – Educate me, my finances are a mess!

In this episode, we discuss the importance of financial education and questioned who exactly is responsible for educating children on finances; school or our parents.

The Frontin’ Lifestyle

In our early years, we are often are trying to live up to the expectation of others, often leaving people with “Swag but no money”. Unfortunately, some people carry this into their adult life. Do you know someone whose spending habits is to create an image and in truth is them ‘Frontin’ and is huge attempt to stay in trend?

We questioned on the podcast where does this behaviour extend from, we referenced Kendrick Lamar songs – “Doves in the wild” as he mentions some guys will use material items as a cover up of their insecurities.

I mean, the fake chains and the code names
For insecure, gon’ reassure you not to get pussy
You overcompensate too much for the pussy

SZA - Doves In The Wind (Official Audio) ft. Kendrick Lamar

Learning from Millionaires

Most millionaires live a slightly different lifestyle to those who try and front, Did you know? Most millionaires are likely to purchase a car second hand or buy relatively affordable clothing from high street stores.

This is reflected in the book millionaire next door

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Another key take away is the advice to live Financially free –

get out of debt and stay out of debt

Learning From our Parents

Parents play a huge influence in the way we spend, some parents themselves lack the financial education to teach their children the fundamentals.

Growing up Anton learnt about Frugal living – which means living within your means a term reflected in ‘the richest man in babylon’.

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However, over the years he has understood and seed that was planted in his early years allowed him to form a healthy spending habit.

Frugal living should not be at the sacrifice of quality if you can afford quality items then purchase it.

Learn how to Budget

Learn to budget and avoid debt; find a method that works for you whether it’s budgeting into individual money pot or utilising the money jar system of which your money is divided into 5 separate pots.

Forward thinking goes a long way, be aware of you bills and outgoing – know when they are to come out especially those direct debits.

Have your emergency Fund

Work out your outgoing each month and times it by 3, make sure you have that money saved away for a rainy day – if you have this then feel free to spend if you don’t have any saving targets.

Taking out a credit Card?

Before taking out a credit card, question why you are getting it.

  • Is it for credit history scoring – be aware that a large factor on your credit scoring is paying your bills on time
  • Is it for cashback – Amex maybe a Santander 123 account

Did you know? 75% of credit card owners only pay the minimum repayment


The largest debt is a mortgage, it seems like everyone wants to own a home but make sure you are not caught out by unexpected interest rate increase.

Can you handle a 2% interest rate increase on your mortgage repayment?

Making extra money

Remember there are other ways to make money on the side if you are constantly in the red go the extra mile and utilise the sharing economy we have:-



Bla Bla Car


Lessons learnt

  • Richest man in babylon – make your money work for you
    [amazon_link asins=’0451205367′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’tagmeinpodcas-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’34c8edd8-9651-11e7-82a4-37207be08b73′]
  • Set Goals and target for money, if you have a holiday coming up work out the cost of it and work out how much you need to save each month to fulfil your target.
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad, it taught the two of us about Assets and Liabilities
    • How owning a house is actually a liability as it is taking money out of your pocket rather than putting money into it.

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11 Things To Do When Your Finances Are A Mess

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EP21 - Educate me, my finances are a mess!

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