EP18 – Cheating within a Relationship

EP18 – Cheating within a Relationship

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Its common social knowledge or belief that men cheat more. However in recent years and over the last two decades, and since the advent of social media, there is a new common held belief that women actually cheat more than men. Hence the question and discussion surrounding cheating.

the truth is that infidelity can damage the strongest of all relationships. the after effect being a hoard of betrayal, anger, fear, and guilt. overcoming such infidelity can be very difficult for most, sometimes not possible for other relationships.

as most would think to believe the support of friends, family, and honest and open communication, amongst time are the precise ingredients required to deal with such an issue. it is possible for a couple to go ahead and leave the infidelity behind me, and in certain situations, it can even strengthen the relationship.


the truth of the situation is that there are in actual fact a multitude of reasons why someone would step out of a relationship to have an affair, whether it be purely physical or emotional. For the most part, it is a deep yearning for an emotional connection – when you might require someone to appreciate the new hairstyle or the stress you’ve been under from work.

 If you have been the victim of a cheating partner – it may be worth taking some time out for yourself to really think about if you’d like to continue with the relationship, as well as the warning signs and most importantly to find out why the person stepped out. the worst thing to do would be to blame yourself in such a situation.

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EP18 - Cheating within a Relationship

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