EP15 – Motivation – Whats Yours?

EP15 – Motivation – Whats Yours?

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Motivation has many a definition. One simple one is that it’s the inner power/fire/desire within everyone that pushes you towards taking persistent action and achieving results and goals you’ve set for yourself. As Motivation is powered by desire and ambition, if they are absent, motivation is absent too.

Now before I continue just ask yourself a quick question – how many times have you told yourself that you are going to improve your life, but ended doing nothing?

Now ask yourself on how many different occasions have you been dissatisfied with some aspects of your life and promised to change them, but failed to follow through with your decision? Because I know this number is very high for myself. Start and stop – nonstop.

Think about what’s holding you back from achieving these aforementioned goals and dreams. It is lack of enthusiasm, motivation, desire, determination, willpower and discipline.

Although you probably have the desire to get something done, or to achieve a certain goal, if the desire and ambition are not strong enough, you’ll lack the persistent push, the initiative, and the willingness to take the necessary action on a regular basic.

In these cases, you lack motivation and inner drive. This is often what stops the vast majority of people from achieving set goals and desired the world over.

“When there is motivation, there is initiative and direction, courage, energy, and the persistence to follow your goals.”

“A motivated person takes action and does whatever is needed to achieve his or her goals.”

What helps to maintain and strengthen motivation is having an end goal/ vision/vision board. These all serve to present a clear mental image of what you want to achieve, and also a strong desire to manifest it. In such a situation, motivation awakens inner strength and power, and pushes you forward, toward making your vision a reality.

Motivation can be applied to every area of your life. There can be motivation to be part of a successful and well-known podcast (which holds true for me and Anton), to get a good degree class at university, build confidence, get a better job, or become a business owner among many other reasons.

Something to bear in mind is that motivation is one of the most important keys to success. When there is lack of motivation, you either get no results at all, or only mediocre ones.

So at this point, you may be asking yourself, well how do I strengthen and develop my motivation and zest for life.

Look no further as I’ve included various points to assist you in achieving your desires and goals.


  1. Simply set a goal. Break this goal down into individual and manageable chunks, this way you’ll find it easier to motivate yourself, since you will not feel overwhelmed by the size of your goal and the things you have to do.
  2. Understand that finishing what you start is important. Hammer into your mind that whatever you start you have to finish. Develop the habit of going to the finish line – too many times people start a project or set a goal and have no intention of finishing. They tend to fall and cave in at the first hurdle.
  3. Surround yourself with achievers and people with similar interests or goals, as motivation and attitudes are contagious. Associate with motivated people, who share your interests. You are the average of your five closest friends after all
  4. Avoid procreating tasks and activities. Procrastination leads to laziness, and laziness leads to lack of motivation.
  5. Persistence, patience and not giving up, despite failure and difficulties, keep the flame of motivation and life burning.
  6. Read about the subjects of your interest. This will keep your enthusiasm and ambition alive. As well as up to date with current movements.
  7. Vision boards – Look at photos of things you want to get, achieve or do. This will strengthen your desire and make your subconscious mind work with you. Law of attraction.

Another aspect that definitely helps with motivation is Positive Public Pressure

Now although pressure is often seen as a bad thing, if utilized in the correct manner it can actually be a good thing. It’s important that pressure not be applied in too negative a way and too high an intensity. Keep things positive and at a manageable intensity, and things will move along nicely.

Below are practical and realistic ways of how to actually use positive public pressure to motivate yourself. I and Anton currently use this in our monthly mastermind groups to encourage and push each other to achieving dreams.

  • Tell a number of your co-workers you’re going to achieve a goal (“No sugary snacks this week!” or “I’m going to keep exercising everyday”) and keep them posted regularly on your progress.
  • Email your family and friends and tell them about your goal and ask them to keep you accountable. Email them regular updates, and tell them about your progress when you see them.
  • Join an online forum related to your goal — I’ve done this when I quit smoking and also when I started running. Introduce yourself, make friends, tell them about your goal, ask for help when you need it, and report your successes and failures.
  • Write a regular column in a diary on your goal.
  • Post your goal and a chart of your progress up in your office or other public place.
  • Post pictures of yourself each day.

Always remember that if a certain goal and or dream is really important (as important as you make it out to be), then going through the above steps will strengthen your motivation, and keep you going forward.

It is 100% possible to improve your life in all degrees, but you need to follow a plan, keep up your enthusiasm and motivation, and not give in, when facing difficulties and obstacles. It will definitely take some time and effort to improve your life – remember Rome wasn’t built in a single day, but this is worthwhile and rewarding goal.

Something to bear in mind is that by focusing on the meaning and impact of your work dreams and desires, rather than on, say, the financial returns it will bring, may be the best way to improve not only the quality of your work but also — your long term success and continued motivation.

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Good luck and thanks for reading.

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EP15 - Motivation - Whats Yours?

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