EP134 – Being Your Authentic Self & Removing The Shackles Of Expectation

EP134 – Being Your Authentic Self & Removing The Shackles Of Expectation FT Martha Cuffy

Martha Cuffy BA MBA MA
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EP134 - Being Your Authentic Self & Removing The Shackles Of Expectation

Her career has moved from sharing and marketing outer technology to the harnessing the power of inner technology to support people to live a life of vitality and realness….

Bihar Yoga Bharati. World’s first yoga university. Top of the class. 2 year Masters in Yoga Psychology. Remote part of India.

Post uni she started out with a dull job in BT but learnt that I was great with turning situations around with clients. Given high level complaints from BT HQ to deal with.
Later became UK director of a software marketing firm. Gave talks at Seybold San Francisco, Adobe events in Europe.

Big moment when made redundant during the same few days that Diana and Mother Teresa died. I had made a decision to protect a manager that I knew that would cost me my job and it did. Took that experience into an MBA – MBA Class President. Graduated with Distinction. Did dissertation project with Deloitte. Offered a role in corporate finance as part of a Venture Catalyst team where I was an assistant director for Deloitte in late 90s. One of my clients I had to accompany on meetings was Jamie Oliver! Reviewed an online proposal for one of the Spice Girls. Few Blacks in Deloitte at the time and not my passion.  My MBA dissertation had been to examine some of the online strategies of UK retailers. After that did some consulting: ethical investment and CSR work. Had a big moment in a dream.

She has lived in France, Germany, India, and Dominica (not Dominican Republic!).
Really creative during my 7 years in the Caribbean. Returned because of the devastation after Tropical Storm Erika in 2015.

Founding President of Dominica Health and Wellness Association. Featured in top travel magazine Travel & Leisure in cover story on Dominica – my Primal Spa experience.

VP of WEL Waitubkubuli Entrepreneurs Leve – private organisation to support young entrepreneurs.

Course Tutor. Designing and leading a Leadership Presence course for Caribbean leaders at University of the West Indies which increased male participation.


Leadership coach for differentiation organisations including Clinton Foundation (supporting female Caribbean engineers) and Church of England. UN initiative on clean cooking. Leadership and organisational development for an NGO focused on addressing birth justice. Organisational development. Wellness architect – incorporating a body-centric approach to coaching and leadership development.

Clients working with me have been promoted, taken different direction and reshaped their leadership style and presence so they are more true to themselves.

Co-initiated the first senior Black and Asian leaders programme in partnership with the Windsor Leadership Trust. 6 month programme with two retreats. Retreat at Windsor Castle two months before Harry announced his marriage to Megan! (we were given a private tour of St George’s Chapel).

Volunteer work includes giving talks at Brixton Prison, Lambeth School Partnership during BHM.


Articles/ Features

Black History magazine – https://www.blackhistorymonth.org.uk/article/section/real-stories/leader-youve-looking/

Promo video for Windsor programme – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVksUSm8jFM

Leadership and campaigning masterclass – Patrick Vernon and Martha Cuffy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6d6LVlX4mY


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EP134 - Being Your Authentic Self & Removing The Shackles Of Expectation

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