EP13 – Who Am I? Lost Phase? Identity?

EP13 -- Who Am I? Lost Phase? Identity?

Who Am I? Lost Phase? Identity? In this episode, we are joined by a special guest, Amit – “Conscious Movement”.
On the podcast, Amit shares his journey on defining himself and his brand.
He also shares what it’s like to be in the lost phase. What it takes to break out of social norms and other little gems like where he draws his inspiration from.
Conscious movement has enabled Amit to combine his passions into a platform – sounds like a Gary Vaynerchuk. (Conscious movement is an organisation, which believes in better possibilities in life mentally, spiritually and physically)

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So we all struggle to figure out who we are, an unnerving place to be but there are some steps we can do to help us.

Some of the key steps we mention are:-

  • Taking action – we have things we always wanted to do but have not done it yet.
    Experience is key and by taking action you put yourself out there. You experience things you haven’t done before, and potentially you could find out what gets you going?
  • Getting to know you, an incredibly important skill to help you define yourself.

Don’t live by other people’s reality -- live your own reality

  • Don’t be afraid to break the norms of society – culture, race, gender
  • Noticing how you identify yourself
  • Identifying your core values.You don’t want to define yourself based on outside forces, because outside forces are volatile and subject to constant change.
    • Write down a list of these values and consciously and mindfully act them out in your daily life.
  • What inspires us?
  • Who inspires us? Oprah, Tony Robbins, P Diddy
  • Who we want to be?
  • What’s it like to be in the lost phase?
  • Do we feel like we are constantly redefining ourselves?
  • Do experiences shape you as a person?
  • Does your circle play an influence in your identification?

 There is some overlap between this episode and personal development and vision board – check them out here

As always we share some useful material that we have come across which can help you?

  • Seven Habits of Highly effective people -- Do give the funeral exercise a try



Funeral Exersice by Dr. Stephen Covey (from "The 7 Habits")


  • Who am I exercise? List more than 10 ‘I am….’ Statements
  • Have some quiet time and write down the things on your mind
  • Growth hack Sit with a friend or colleague and get them to write you 5 top qualities.


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*Shout out to Conscious Movement he said on the podcast you need to be aware of your weakness -- “got to see your light and darknesses!”

Want to find out more about Amit and Conscious Movement check out his website -- consciousmovement.org







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EP13 -- Who Am I? Lost Phase? Identity?

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