EP128 – Navigating Parenthood

EP128 - Navigating Parenthood Ft Mummy Harrii


In this week episode we are joined by Mummy harri.

We discuss all things parenthood.

And more on:
What it means to be a parent
How to and the importance of having difficult discussions with children.
What a healthy relationship with a child looks like
the reality of raising children, and from a young age
responsibility and support as a parent.

And much more


EP128 - Navigating Parenthood Ft Mummy Harrii



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EP128 - Navigating Parenthood

One Reply to “EP128 – Navigating Parenthood”

  1. Mummyharrii

    Thanks for having me on the sofa fellas!

    I ended the episode with a message for people who would like children in the future, basically pleading that indviduals who don’t currently have children eliminate being so negative regarding the conversation of having children; its boring!

    That being said I wrote a blog on the topic because I actually feel it’s a very interesting matter that is consuming childfree individuals in our society : read more here- https://mummyharrii.wordpress.com/2019/11/04/overcoming-the-fear-of-being-a-parent-a-note-to-childfree-individuals/ and share with me your thoughts

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