EP127 – Transformation


EP127 - Transform My Life Ft Ezekiel (ETS)

It is often known that the most successful people keep put long hours and work than others.

the relationship between transformation and success is very robust.

Why, well because high transformation and motivation will ensure total preparation which will, in turn, create the maximum performance.

This same concept of transformation applies to make changes in your life. The fact remains that all change is difficult because most people have been the way they currently are for a long time and these habits are deeply ingrained. An individuals ability to find and maintain their motivation and transformation for meaningful and long-lasting change will ultimately determine whether they’re able to break long-standing habits and patterns.

Types of Motivation that lead to transformation in one’s life:

We all have different motivating factors that drive us toward change goals. They can be primarily broken down into Internal vs. external and positive vs. negative.

  • Internal-positive: Challenge, desire, passion, satisfaction, self-validation
  • External-positive: Recognition and appreciation from others, financial rewards
  • Internal-negative: Threat, fear of failure, inadequacy, insecurity
  • External-negative: Fear of loss of job or relationship, insufficient respect from others, financial or social pressures, pressure from significant others

Harnessing the Transformational Motivation

Finding the transformation power to change means maintaining your efforts consistently when it would be easy to give up. Most people feel this strong urge and this is why it’s important to maintain a vision and end goal and most importantly a why for setting out to achieve transformational change in the first instance.



EP127 - Transform My Life Ft Ezekiel (ETS)



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EP127 - Transformation

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