EP100 – A honest conversation with Ade from Adzvice

We did it! Tag Me In Podcast has made it to its 2nd year birthday and 100th episode and we were fortunate to be joined by Ade of Adzvice.

An inspiring individual platform aims to share tips worth knowing, his brand stood out to the Tag Me In boys when they started their podcast journey and it was a real delight to have him on the show.

On this episode, we cover:-

  • The podcast journey
  • The importance of men to be open
  • Why vulnerability can be a game changer
  • Knowing when to step away from Social Media
  • How social media is changing society

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So let’s talk about…

An unbelievable journey which was birthed from the regular conversations the Tag Me In boys had among themselves.

Never could they imagine the impact the podcast would have on their own personal life but also the impact they would have on their listeners.

We’ve always likened the podcast to a baby, from its birth it needed love and attention and absolutely no days off, the boys are extremely proud of their level of consistency.
The podcast lived on as Anton went travelling around the world for 9 months, and both podcasters had to plan and organise their recordings based on time difference changes.

The podcast has taught us a lot along the way, it has put us in a position of commitment, it has challenged us both, we have seen some ups and downs along the way, our friendship has been impacted by the podcast over the years as well.
Yet we still push on knowing the value this podcast could add, we constantly are looking at improvement and that’s not primarily the podcast but in ourselves.

Growth plays an important part in our lives, and looking back we have evolved as individuals over time, we have covered various topics and challenged our own perspectives.

We have been fortunate to engage with our listeners who have contributed to our lives indirectly but have aided us in own growth, we have been blessed by the presence of some our past guest who have shared their knowledge and shined their lights for others.

The Tag Me In duo are extremely grateful to everyone who has listened, tweeted, liked, or reviewed our podcast, we didn’t envision all of this and it truly means the world to us.
It’s these moments that keep us growing and wanting to do more.

We don’t have a baby anymore we have a toddler and we are thinking of how to take this podcast to the next stage, so much watch this space.
If you have any suggestion or feedback please let us know, if you want to join us on this journey then please reach out.

Again thank you for all your support and please celebrate with us!

“My baby not a baby anymore”



EP100 – A honest conversation with Ade from Adzvice

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EP100 – A honest conversation with Ade from Adzvice

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EP100 – A honest conversation with Ade from Adzvice
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