EP 9 – Importance of Gratitude and Appreciation

Importance of Gratitude and Appreciation

According to the Harvard Medical School

Gratitude can be defined as

“a thankful appreciation for what an individual receives, whether tangible or intangible. With gratitude, people acknowledge the goodness in their lives … As a result, gratitude also helps people connect to something larger than themselves as individuals – whether to other people, nature, or a higher power” 

Gratitude is a positive emotion that is relatively important as it serves a purpose.

Some content that gratitude is more than feeling thankful for something, and that actually is more of a deeper appreciation for something more someone, that produced longer lasting positivity.

It’s extremely important to properly cultivate this virtue, as it means you are perfectly aware and grateful for things that we often fail to even notice, be it the deep green color of a field of grass, the safety of having a solid roof over our heads, or the unconditional support given by someone who really loves us.

To find gratitude when life brings us tough challenges can tremendously reduce our levels of stress and depression, while increasing at the same time our strength when future challenges come, because such pure feeling teaches us ways to change our perspective and makes us aware of how abundantly blissful each moment is.

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Moments of gratefulness and appreciation that aren’t expressed are essentially opportunities of showing love that are lost forever, and a possible life change that won’t happen anymore. So why would you stay silent when the chance comes to bring radiance to someone else’s life and to yours as well?

Below are some practical and realistic ways to practice your gratitude and appreciation for others as well as yourself:

  • Start the day showering yourself with gratitude
  • Give one or two minutes in the morning solely to think of the persons that made something you are thankful for, and all the things that happened or are happening in your life that you’re grateful for.
  • Be grateful for the great challenges that come your way
  • Be thankful for any challenges at hand and acknowledge that it brings an opportunity to learn from it, to grow and become a better person. Do you really want to be a constant complainer that always fails to realize how important challenges and failures are for personal improvement? Be grateful for having opportunities to improve!
  • Always look at the bright side of life
  • When you have the empathy and gratefulness to compare your life with the persons who are having a much tougher time than you, with it comes to the awareness that you actually have all that you need and happiness is not at a distance, it’s already all around you.
  • Love, don’t hate
  • Try to always look at the good things that others have in their hearts, especially one it comes to marriage or a passionate relationship, for nothing else can turn them into something too beautiful to ever be forgotten.
  • Make an effort to talk about any troubles or annoys you regarding your loved one. Instead of taking the momentum that a rush of impatience and anger gives you and simply bombard your husband or spouse with things that should be said in a much more delicate and thoughtful way, take some time to breathe slowly and deeply and then talk in a respectful and caring manner.

Gratitude and appreciation bring radiance to your life

The moment pure gratitude is felt, a flow of great positivity and tremendously good feelings rush straight to one’s heart without any effort whatsoever

By learning this ability, you’ll reshape your brain’s ability to get out of a bad mood and to be more receptive to positive things – because nothing else has a greater power to change reality as your very own thoughts! They can change the way you perceive reality and, therefore, your mood and happiness are completely dependent on them. – FACTS

The truth of the situations is that your thoughts affect reality around you, reshaping and coloring with bright vivid colors everything you see, so by practicing gratefulness you teach your mind to be focused on what really matters – positive things.

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EP 9 - Importance of Gratitude and Appreciation

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