EP124 – Book Smart Vs Street Smart

Book Smart Vs Street Smart


Generally speaking, smartness can be broken down into two main categories.

One  is book smart and the other street smarts.


Book smarts are all about educationschooling and other kinds of knowledge that one can and has acquired.

With street smarts, it’s all about life and the experiential knowledge of things. While which one is more helpful can be a matter of debate and also depends on the context, it is generally seen that street smarts weigh more on the scale when it comes to making one’s way to success and throughout life.

Some believe that being book smarts can only get you so far.

Street smarts rely more on gut feeling and intuition in order to make a go of things. The understanding is that persons real-life experiences will form their primary sources of knowledge.

They never hold on to what is written in a book as something sacred and to be followed. The main distinction between the two is the difference between the sources of their knowledge.

The reality of life is that both of them are complementary to one another and require to exist in the right proportion in order to reach success.

What are some fo your thoughts on this topic?

EP124 - Book Smart Vs Street Smart | Tag Me In Podcast


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EP124 - Book Smart Vs Street Smart

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