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Tag In A Different Perspective​

A podcast hosted by Anton and Ola two late 20’s males navigating adult life.

We are all about being the best version of you and self-improvement, on this podcast we discuss and have open discussions about our own personal journeys including the highs and the lows.

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Tag Me In Podcast is all about inspiring people and aiding them through life.

 Listen and hear us share our own experiences and cover a variety of topics on the podcast, we understand how important it is to share our stories and how powerful it is to hear other people’s stories – There is so much value you can learn from others and you may discover they are or have walked a similar path to yours.

As always don’t forget to tune in to the podcast to hear some inspiration topic discussion which will have you engaged from start to end.

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Apple Podcast Reviews

"I love the topics the gents raise & I enjoy the diverse guests that come onto their show! Absolutely amazing podcast & super glad I was a guest too! Keep it up! Worth a listen all!"

Amazing Podcast

"I have been listening to these guys from early and always enjoy their conversation and the topics they discuss! Definitely would recommend to listen!"

 So relevant

"What a podcast!!! As a female listener I’m pleased to have found such an insightful an all rounded and educative podcast which touches on everything from Money Management, Mental Health and love Languages. Highly recommend it to both Genders."

Insightful Podcast!!

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